• Through a series of activities, students work toward the goals of: 
    Cooperation, Self-confidence, trust, support, problem-solving, goal setting, leadership & team building
    The Scarsdale Middle School Physical Education Challenge Curriculum begins with the "Full Value Contract." 
    This Contract requires students to:
       Be here, Be Safe, Speak your Truth, Pay Attention, Be open to Outcomes and have the Privilege to call "Group."  
    Students wear helmets, harnesses and hairnets.  Your helmet is on correctly if it is snug to the head with the chin strap comfortably tightened & clasped. 
    Harnesses are on correctly if they are snug around the waist and legs and the straps are fitted back over the silver buckles.   No Red markings should be visible if the harness is worn properly.
    When taking off your harness you do NOT need to undo & remove all the straps.  Just loosen the straps, beginning with the legs and let the harness fall.   
    When climbing, we use 2 carabiners on the climbers for added safety 
    Our inside challenge course includes
       Rock wall, Cargo net, inside playpen, Rope & Fire Cracker Ladder, Rope, Centipede, Dangling Duo, Prusik Climb, Trapeze  
    Our 7th Grade Challenge units uses 2 belayers.  The primary belayer, the secondary or back up belayer.  
    We also utilize a rope coiler and anchor
    The Commands for beginning a climb are:  
       "Ready?, Ready; On Belay?, Belay on; Climbing, Climb away"  
    When ready to come down from an apparatus, the climber will say "falling" and the primary belayer will say "Fall Away" .