Scoir: Scoir is an online college and career research-based tool. Each student receives his or her own Scoir account and password, which allows them to access a wealth of information regarding career inventories and colleges. This program also allows students to keep track of their college lists and applications as well as determine the possibility of acceptance to colleges based on data from past Scarsdale High School applicants. You can access Scoir login.   Parents will also be given a link to access to view and add colleges to their child's account.
    College Representatives: College representatives visit the high school throughout the fall and winter. Students are encouraged to talk with them as well as those representatives who attend college fairs and/or make presentations in the New York area. Frequently, the representatives who visit our school are the “first readers” of your application; therefore, this meeting may offer an additional opportunity for you to be in direct contact. Speak with your dean about whether you should attend these meetings for the specific colleges on your list.
    College and Career Center (CCC): The College and Career Center is a parent volunteer-run office in Scarsdale High School that performs several functions in support of students, parents, and the counseling office including interviewing college representatives, providing access and training to Scoir and the College Book, tracking names and contact information for Scarsdale alumni who are willing to speak to current students about their institutions, and providing access to a wealth of reference documents and publications as well as a quiet space for students and parents to do research. You can access the College and Career Center's website here.
     Popular Publications:
           --The Fiske Guide to Colleges - E. Fiske
           --Colleges that Change Lives - Loren Pope
           --The College Atlas and Planner - Wintergreen Orchard House 
           --Rugg's Recommendations on the Colleges - Frederick E. Rugg
           --The K & W Guide to Colleges for the Learning Disabled - Kravets and Wax