• June 2023 Technology Survey Data

    In June 2023, the Technology Department solicited survey responses from faculty, parents, SMS students, and SHS students. The anonymous surveys were collaboratively developed by the Technology Department, the PTC, and the STA. 

    The survey results will help parents, administrators, faculty, and students learn more about the technology experiences of our community members. Please click here to access the survey data.


    Scarsdale Technology Plan 

    The Scarsdale School District has a longstanding, continuous commitment to providing our students with an outstanding education. To that end, we seek to achieve and maintain best practices in using technology to support the educational experiences of all students. The use of technology should be seamlessly integrated into the curriculum and teaching.

    We believe that all members of the school community should be able to:

    • Use appropriate technology as a tool for teaching, learning, and assessment
    • Have access to appropriate desktop and mobile technology throughout the District, including classrooms, labs, libraries, and offices
    • Use technology to empower learners by giving them tools for creating, communicating, and collaborating 
    • Use technology to allow all users to curate information and solve problems
    • Recognize the ethical and legal responsibilities and opportunities of learning and working in an increasingly interconnected community

    In order to realize this vision, we must continually respond to changes in the technology landscape by maintaining a robust infrastructure, providing technical and financial support for the use of technology in our schools, investing in professional development for all staff, and providing a wide variety of opportunities for all students to use technology to enhance their learning.

    Note: The 2022-23 hardware budget distribution, by level, on page 46 will be revised in August, 2022.
    The total budget allocation will not change.
    If you have questions about the information on this technology website,
    email Jeannie Crowley, Director of Instructional Technology and Innovation.