• Information about Stanford Survey

    Dear Staff Member,

    You will be administering the Stanford Survey of Adolescent School Experiences to students today.  This survey is part of a collaborative effort between Scarsdale High School and the Challenge Success project in the School of Education at Stanford. 

    The first link below is to an assent form for students to complete. Students have the right to decline participation if they choose. They should submit their assent form before they begin the survey. Important:  Please make sure there are no students whose parents have returned the form the school sent out about the study; parents only return the form if they do NOT want their children to participate.

    The survey will take students about 30-40 minutes to complete.  Students should raise their hands if they have a question about any of the items on the survey.  Please feel free to clarify a question to the best of your ability if the student has a question. Please give students a signal when five minutes remain in the period. Ask those students who are not yet there to skip ahead to the final section on background information and complete the survey from that point on. When students finish, have them hit the button to submit their survey electronically.

    We do not anticipate any risks to the students in participating in this survey.  However, if you notice that a student appears upset at any time while taking the survey, please have him/her discontinue the survey and go see the school counselor.

    Please review the "Script for students" prior to administering the survey.