• The Interdependence Institute


    The Institute acts entrepreneurially as a seedbed for ideas. While many activities currently involve individuals and smaller groups, some are more broadly institutionalized. More will become institutionalized as planning goes forward, so that all students will ultimately have equal access to "assured experiences" at various points in their K-12 careers. The District will also continue to offer opportunities for small groups and individuals to explore interests and extend their experiences in depth.Cambodia
    Student Experiences: Broadly Institutionalized
    • Cultural Universals (grade 3)
    • Scholar in Residence (grade 4)
    • Arn Chorn Pond, Killing Fields survivor
    • Human Rights Project (grade 6-8)
    • East-West Center's AsiaPacificEd Program (grade 10)
    • Scarsdale International Student Program (HS)

    Student Experiences: Individuals and Groups

    Scarsdale's Partnership with the East/West Center

    Equity and Access Activities

    Carnegie Hall Global Encounters

    Exchanges and visits (real and virtual)