• SPONSOR’S ROLE in a workplace internship

    As students approach you to be a sponsor:

    • You must have a business or work at a workplace full time. 
    • This is a complete unpaid internship. Students cannot receive any monetary exchange whatsoever. 
    • Be aware that this is an experiential, yet still academic, requirement for graduation. Students are not a source of free labor.  We limit interns to up to 2 students per Sponsor/active adult employee. For schools, this is limited to 1 student per teacher.
    • Make sure they understand their potential responsibilities to you as well as yours to them.  
    • Specifically, explain what you will let them do, and what you won’t.
    • Tell students what opportunities are available to complete their project, to travel, to work independently, to be your shadow, to work with on site teams… etc.
    • Tell them how much menial labor they may have to contribute. Verify you can provide the amount of time and the appropriate work a student needs. Be sure you understand the time requirements and your obligation to accurately hold them accountable.
    • Be clear on expectations regarding students’ performance, demeanor, attire, etc.
    • Be aware that some students may have obligations such as athletics and Advanced Placement Examinations that limit the hours or days available for their participation; students should be aware of and plan for these conflicts long before Senior Options begins. Advanced Placement obligations may reduce the number of hours required by the student to complete each week.
    • Please tell students if you would like to be placed in our database (if you are not already) to sponsor future seniors.
    • If and when you agree to work with a student you will be given a contractual agreement (sponsor registration signature form) to sign verifying that you will not only work with them during their project but that you will also help them plan their project.   

    As students plan their projects and write their proposals:

    • Work with students in the design of their project and help students make good decisions about the design of their proposal.
    • Ask students to send you a copy of their final proposal.
    • Student MUST work with you the sponsor or under someone's supervision at your facility 5 days a week for 30 hours a week. At the end they must reach BOTH 168 hours AND 28 days worked to complete their internship 

    During Senior Options:

    • Actively supervise and interact with your senior(s), and give them your active guidance and supervision as discussed in the proposal. Students can NOT be sent home to do work or work while you are away/out. The sponsor must be around at all times.  
    • As appropriate, contact the student’s mentor at Scarsdale High School to discuss progress and problems, or to address questions about the project.
    • Provide assistance as students prepare their culminating presentations. You may attend these presentations, if you wish.
    • If you need other assistance, contact José Lamela, Senior Options Coordinator (914-722-2814) or jlamela@scarsdaleschools.org.

    For those working in a school setting:

    • The student/intern is allowed to complete all/any tasks permitted by law within the classroom (ie: student can help teach with teacher supervision, but cannot teach without the teacher present).
    • The student/intern may help out in extra classes (art, music, Spanish, PE, etc) if that is approved by the teacher teaching the other class.  


    • Students are covered by a multi-million dollar Board of Education Insurance Policy.
    • Students are responsible for costs and transportation arrangements.
    • District Policy strictly forbids acceptance of financial remuneration for school credit.