• Role of Mentor


    Before Senior Options begins:

    ·    Work with students to secure an internship and write/submit a proposal.

    ·    Work with students who have to revise their proposals.

    • Be clear about whether you are comfortable with an independent project versus an internship.
    • Read and comment on the proposal (proposals will be available through your Scarsdale Google drive account)
          ·     Contact internship sites prior to students leaving for Senior Options.


    After Senior Options begins:

    ·         Meet with student at least once a week for internships/projects.

    ·         During your weekly meetings, check the student time log, student journals, videos and help students reflect on their experiences.

    ·         Follow up with the sponsor after the student has been working for 2 weeks.

    ·         Make at least one site visit. (not for 2021)

    ·         Contact parents if students are not fulfilling their requirements.

    ·         Contact your case manager or Jose Lamela if students are not fulfilling their requirements.

    ·         When Senior Options nears closure, sign up for a presentation time.

    ·         Monitor the progress of your student's final presentation.


    After Senior Options ends:

    ·         Complete a final evaluation form. 


    Things to know/do in general: