• 6th Grade Challenge Review Sheet

    Our 6th grade challenge classes work hard to achieve group goals. We participate in low elements and initiative activities.   The safety of the group is a primary concern.

    A quality of a good group is collectively working together to come up with plans, ideas and solutions and implement those that work best.

    Climbing Commands:

    Before going onto any element, students must communicate using standard commands

    The climber will begin & the group must respond

    Typical Commands are:

    • “Ready,” “Ready,” “Walking,” Walk away"
    • “Ready,” “Ready,” “Climbing,” “Climb away,”
    • “Falling,” “Fall away”

    When active on a low element, if you feel like you are loosing your balance, you should step off safely. We never want you to fall to the ground. 

    Positive Communication is something we foster during our Challenge Units.

    Communication is important so you can participate in developing good ideas with others and think outside the box to develop a quality plan and solution

     Characteristics of a good leader:

    • Ability to listen to others
    • Know the strengths and weaknesses of the group and
    • Show consideration for all ideas

    The Scarsdale MS Full Value Contract is comprised of some set guidelines to make sure everyone feels comfortable in our group activities.

    R.A.I.S.E - A new initiative in our challenge curriculum

    Stands for Respect, Achievement, Inclusion, Service and Empathy

     Some of the low element activities include:

    •             Island Hop
    •             Whale Watch
    •             Burma Bridge
    •             Stepping Stones