Printer FAQs
    • Where are printers located?
      • Butler and Popham Labs, Cooper NEST, Fountain Copy Room, Library
      • The school has both black and white, as well as color printers
      • Many classrooms
    • Can I print from a Chromebook?
    • Can I print from an iPad?
    • What do I need to know about printer maintenance?
      • Let a teacher know if a printer seems to be jammed or malfunctioning -- teachers should contact a computer teacher or aide.
      • When contacting a computer teacher or aide for help with a printer, be prepared to provide the name of the printer, as well as the device you are printing from -- MacBook Pro, Chromebook, iPad, etc..
      • Let a teacher know if print quality (or an error message) indicates the need for new toner.
      • You may (carefully) add paper, as needed. Let a teacher know if you need some help.
    • What can I do about the piles of paper left in and around the printer?
      • Don't be someone who abandons print jobs. 
      • Check the printer location before sending a job.
    • Are there limits to how much I may print?
      • Printers should not be used as copy machines.
      • Don't print unnecessarily (or illogically).
        • For example, if you must print presentation slides, learn how to print multiple slides per page and other "draft" friendly print options.
      • Use two-sided printing, when appropriate.
      • Strictly speaking, no; but you should make choices as though there were.

    Chromebook (and Chrome) Printing
    We have enabled Chromebook printing to our common space printers.  Lab and Library printers should be available as local printer options when printing from Chrome. Additionally, you may click on the link below to add a printer to your Google Cloud Print options. Please note, you must be using the Chrome browser.
    To see how teachers can share a classroom printer with their students, CLICK HERE

    iPad Printing
    iPads print using the AirPrint protocol, as follows:
    Click On: 
    (1) The Share Icon, top right in your app.
    (2) PRINT, then
    (3) AIRPRINT 
    (4) SELECT a printer from
    (5) the list of SMS iPad Printers.

    Printer FAQS