Advantage – First point won after deuce
    Ball Toss – Tossing the ball to serve
    Continental, Eastern, Western – Grips used to hold the racquet 
    Follow through – Completing the strike
    Fault – When the ball hits the net or goes out on a serve
    Foot Fault – Feet go in bounds on the serve
    Long – When the ball goes further than the end line
    Poach – In doubles: When person who is not supposed to get the shot crosses the court
    Rally – A series of shots hit back and forth between players
    Service Box – The box on the opposing side where the ball must land in on the serve
    Sideline – The sidelines that mark the boundaries
    Scoring – Points in tennis are called: love, 15, 30, 40, deuce and advantage (in that order)
    The set -  The first player who wins 6 games, wins the set, provided they have won 2 
    more games than his/her opponent. 
    Change of Ends – The players change ends every time the total number of games played 
    is uneven. This is so as not to give one player an advantage in outside conditions, such as 
    On the line – A ball that touches only a hair of the line is in, even if 99% of the ball 
    touches the ground outside the line.