• Spanish Accent marks on a Mac

     You can use this wireless keyboard just as you would a normal one. For example, on an English keyboard, you can type accents as follows... 

    "Option + E," release, type vowel to be placed under a normal accent. Example - "Sí, mi amigo tiene veintiséis años, y es muy simpático..." 

    To create the "Sí"  first typed a capital "S" as usual. Next, I hit "option + e" to place a "hovering" yellow accent mark above the next vowel. Then hit an "i" and an accent was placed over it, replacing the "i" with a "í." 

    You can do this for any vowel - "á é í ó ú" (not with y). If you're looking to add an "ñ" you can do the same thing except u
    "option + n" then type in an "n" to create the "ñ" 

     Also …

    >To type an inverted question mark: Option/Shift+ ?

    > To type an inverted exclamation point: Option/Shift+ !