The Plan 

    Goal: By the time they graduate, all students will have access to ideas, skills, and dispositions that will empower them to lead productive and successful lives in the 21st centuryInterdependence Students .
    Where Are We Now?
    The Institute has planted new ideas, inspired innovation, sparked interest, and provided opportunities for further student and teacher exploration and development.

    Three to Five Year Objectives:

    1. All students will develop facility with the "new literacies" of the interdependent world.
    • Students will understand key drivers of change: demographics, education, economics, geopolitics, religion, technological advances, and sustainability.

    • Students will develop 21st century thinking skills and apply them to emerging world problems and challenges.

    • Students will develop 21st Century capacities such as the ability to resolve conflict, and apply them in real world situations.

    2. All students will participate in an authentic service learning initiative.

    • Students will have an authentic service learning experience at home or abroad.

    • Students will have real or virtual interaction with other students and teachers in other areas with diverse populations.

    3. Through academic study and personal experience, all students will gain an understanding of the impact of globalization on the developed and developing world.

    4. Teachers will have opportunities for professional growth and development in interdependence activities through Institute initiatives.


    How Will We Achieve the Objectives?

    Curriculum committees will develop, refine, expand, and create opportunities for Scarsdale students to acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes (dispositions) to meet the objectives.

    The school-wide learning community will be expanded through STI courses, continued exchanges and other professional development opportunities that enable teachers to support the objectives.

    Assessments will be developed to measure academic and experiential learning. We will develop building-based teams to explore how Institute initiatives can become the basis for student projects.