• What is Reader's Workshop?
    Reader's Workshop is part of Scarsdale's balanced literacy model.  It consists of a differentiated program that provides each and every student with the tools they need to become lifelong readers.
    A typical Reader's Workshop consists of:
    * A mini-lesson (typically about 10 minutes)
           - teaches a new skill or strategy.
    * 25 minutes of independent reading time.
          - During this time I have 1:1 conferences, small strategy groups and guided reading groups. 
    * 10 minute partner time  
          - conversations lift the level of readers work and thinkings
          - students help one another and learn how to push one another to a higher level
    * Share
          - celebration of readers with an opportunity for students to share out their accomplishments  


    Some help for parents searching for good books for their child:

    1. A note on series: Books in a series are very motivational. The children develop a sense of satisfaction as they follow their beloved characters through different experiences! It also helps a child know just where to go when looking for another just-right book (see #3 below).                                                                                                                                                                               

    2. Books with two characters’ names in the title are usually about friendship. For example Mr. Putter and Tabby, Henry and Mudge, Pinky and Rex…These are wonderful because the child gets to know the main characters and can follow relationships and journeys. They’re also highly motivational and relatable.

    3. To find books that are “just-right" or a "good fit" for your child you can have your child read a page or two of a book they are interested in. Use the “5-finger-rule". If there are 5 words, phrases, or ideas on the page that cause any trouble, the book is too difficult. (That does, to some extent, depend on the length of the page. In some books you might make it three, or even one.) The child must understand not just the decoding, but the meaning. It is better at this stage to be reading a book a little too easy than way too difficult.  

    Book List:

    (Appropriate for 2nd Grade)


    Henry and Mudge- C. Ryland

    Annie and Snowball- C. Ryland

    Tony Baloney Series- D. Gutman

    Katie Woo Series- F. Manushkin

    Pedro Series- F. Manushkin

    Andy Shane Series- J. Jacobson

    My Weird School Daze Series- D. Gutman

    Danny and the Dinosaur- S. Hoff

    Mr. Putter and Tabby- C. Ryland

    Cam Jensen or Young Cam Jansen- S. Adler

    Frog and Toad- A. Lobel

    Nate the Great- S. Sharmat

    Amanda Pig and her Brother Oliver- Van Leeuwen

    Amelia Bedelia- Parish

    Horrible Harry- S. Klein

    Song Lee- S. Klein

    Judy Moody- McDonald

    The Littles- John L. Peterson

    Magic Tree House- Mary Pope Osborne

    Zack Files- D. Greenburg

    Pinky and Rex- J. Howe

    Flat Stanley- J. Brown

    The American Girl Series

    Ready Freddie 

    Roscoe Riley

    A to Z/Calendar Mysteries


    Jake Maddox Sports series