• Latin 334/344 
    In this course you will be reading the literature of the ancient Romans in an unmodified form. You will bring to this task all the knowledge of the Latin language you have gained in your previous Latin courses. The goal of this course is for you to experience the richness of Roman culture by reading Latin speakers’ own words. Particular attention will be paid to the form (e.g., figures of speech, poetic meter) as well as the content. This course will challenge you as a linguist and as a scholar of the ancient world. Through the study of classical texts as they were written, we will be following a tradition of scholarship that is as old as western civilization itself.
    Google Classroom:
    Nearly all of our digital interactions will be through our Google Classroom site. Students will be given information to join our class in Google. Parents who are interested in checking out the Google Classroom page should contact the teacher to be granted access.