• Scarsdale Teachers Institute
    Global Networking: Preparing Students for an Interdependent World

    Borders as we have known them are being challenged and redesigned, and people representing diverse back grounds are connecting in person and online. How does one continue to support existing activities and encourage new initiatives for students that will foster cross-cultural understanding? This year-long seminar is designed to explore ways to prepare students to be culturally aware, to view the world through multiple perspectives, to participate in experiential and service-learning opportunities, and to understand what it means to be a global citizen. Speakers will share their expertise on a variety of global topics and programs and discuss ways for students to achieve global competency. This seminar will create a global learning network of teachers, students and experts engaged in global pursuits to learn from each other and create opportunities for students (K-12) to engage in “real-world” global problem-solving. Participants will reflect upon their own classroom practices that foster cross-cultural awareness as they consider new avenues to expand students’ global knowledge.