• Mini-Autobiographies


    All of the children in K-Z will have the opportunity to create and share an autobiography this year. Each child will receive a blank, hard cover book. Any way that you choose to fill this book with your child is great.  The children can label photographs or drawings that illustrate their lives, they can dictate information to you, or the book can be like a scrapbook of important events. Any ideas will be terrific and the more the children do the work, the better! You do not need to fill every page! The mini-autobiographies are due Wednesday, November 30.  The books will be kept in our classroom library for the children to enjoy.


    Each child will have a week in which he/she is the focus of our “All About Me” study as the "Kid of the Week."  Monday, the children will share their autobiography with the class. Wednesday, they will bring an item from home to “show and share.”  Friday, parents are invited to come into class and share a family story and/or read a favorite book. A google doc will be sent soon, for you to sign up for your child’s week. 


    If you have any questions, please let me know.  This is meant to be a fun activity for you and your child!  Be creative, and enjoy!