• AT Constitutional Law 
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    Another Link to US Constitution with explanations -- you can print this one instead
    1. Read the US Constitution and Amendments in its / their entirety. Annotate the document for your understanding. 
    Due: Wed., Sept. 13.
    2. Find an article that deals with a constitutional controversy that you wish to follow throughout the year. Summarize the 
    article and analyze its legal, political, economic and/or social significance in American life. (length - 2 pages) Include the article.
    Due: Friday, Sept. 8
    3. September 11 and the Constitution
    Consider one of the following questions. Write a 1 - 2 page reflection (from the one started in class) on one of these issues:
    Torture: to what extent should governments have the power / ability to torture suspects for information related to terrorist activity? on what, if any, grounds? 
    Detention: to what extent should the government be able to suspend habeas corpus and detain "suspected" terrorists? what, if any, should be the basis of evidence for detention? what, if any, should be the time limits of detention? 
    Jurisdiction: should the U.S. government, or any government, be held to different standards of prisoner treatment outside of its borders? 
    Due: Thurs., Sept. 14