Some Course Guidelines

    General Assignments and Homework 

    Your assignments allow you to engage with the course material, to develop as an independent learner, and to prepare for tests. Homework counts for your class grade. If you put effort into completing your work, you can easily earn an A+ homework grade.


    Read your assignments before responding to the questions that follow. Answers to all homework questions should be well written, thoughtful, and thorough. Use details and examples from the assigned reading to explain your answers.


    At times, there will be brief homework quizzes. These are usually announced in advance -- usually, but not always.


    If you are asked to bring a hard copy of an assignment to class, you must have this assignment at the start of class the day it is due.


    Any missed assignment is -10 points off of your homework grade. If you do not have your work, you have one school day to complete your assignment for partial credit. 


    At times you will have the opportunity to revise your work, especially your written work. Come see me if you would like to discuss this more.



    If you are absent from or late to class, you are responsible for any missed work. Talk to your classmates, look online, or see me to learn of any work you missed.  You must take the initiative to talk to me if you have any questions. 


    *If you are absent the day of a test, expect to take the test the next day, even if you have to stay after school in order to do so.*


    Restrooms and Water Bottles

    Use the facilities either before or after the class. Fill your water bottle either before or after class. Once you enter the room and class begins, plan to stay in the room until the end of class. To quote my Heathcote second grade teacher, Mrs. Glassner, "if you're bleeding or on fire" then you may leave the room.


    The Tone

    Often, the last few minutes of class highlight important information. When you hear the tone indicating a period change, do not jump up from your seats or immediately slam your binders closed. Wait until I dismiss the class until you pack up and leave to room.



    There is no need to ask if there will be a test.  There is always a test!  So, when is the best time to study?  STUDY NOWRight now is the best time to begin studying for your next test or quiz.  Each night you should review your class notes and your homework assignments. If you cannot explain and teach the material to someone else, you should see me for extra help right away.