Tuesday, September 25 - Due Wednesday
    *Read pages 35-39 in textbook.  Define the following terms: atom, element, compound, chemical formula, chemical 
     structure, and chemical equation
    Friday, September 21 - Due Monday
    *Handout - Graphing activity.  Complete the graph and questions
    *Study for test (Tuesday, 9/25)
    Friday, September 14 - Due Monday
    *Handout - Graphing (Part B-2) complete #44-48
    *Read background information and introduction to lab (An Introduction to the Scientific Method)
    Thursday, September 13th - Due Friday:
    *Handout - Flinn contract.  
    *Handout - Variables (double sided)
    *Lab - Equipment/Measurement lab 
    Wednesday, September 12th - Due Thursday:
    *Handout - read and sign safety contract.  
    *Handout - 1-5 questions on measurement
    *Study class notes on the life processes for tomorrow's quiz
    **Thursday, September 13th - quiz on life processes
    Friday, September 7th - Due Wednesday:
    *Please have school supplies, 1'' or 1.5'' binder, loose leaf paper and pocket folder
    *Read pages 1060-1063 in textbook 
    *Study class notes on the life processes
    **Thursday, September 13th - quiz on life processes
    Thursday, September 6th - Due tomorrow:
    *Review notes on the life processes
    *Handout - identify the life process 
    Wednesday, September 5th
    *Re-read Substitued Sammy - An Exercise in Defining Life
    *At what point do you think Sammy is considered not to be living?  Explain why in a paragraph.
     Due tomorrow.
    *If you did not have your syllabus signed, please have it signed for tomorrow.