Automated Substitute Placement & Absence Management

    How it Works?

    1. You can interact with Aesop on the internet by clicking the AESOP button below.  You can enter absences, check your absence schedule, update personal information, and exercise other features such as uploading your lesson plans for substitutes to view online, when applicable.

    2. You can also call Aesop toll free at 1-800-942-3767.  Simply follow the voice menu to enter and manage absences and access other features.  We recommend that you call in to check the computer recording of your name and title.  To do this, press Option 5 and follow the prompts.

    You will receive your ID and PIN number on September 1st and at that time you will be able to enter any future absences you are planning.  Once entered your supervisor will receive notification to approve the absence, you are no longer required to complete an absence request form.

    When entering an absence, please wait until you receive a confirmation number before you terminate the phone call or close your internet browser window.  Your transaction is not complete until you receive a confirmation number.

    Please access the Quick Start Guide, an interactive course, and training videos via the left-hand menu. For questions, please contact Deirdre Reed, the Personnel Assistant in Human Resources, at 914-721-2416.

      Click to access the AESOP