• MiVoice Connect Phone System
    Outside Line and 911:
    • For an outside line, dial "7". 
    • In an emergency, dial 9-1-1.  No need to dial 7!
    Retrieving Messages or Changing User Settings:
    • Dial x2400 from a school phone or dial (914) 721-2400 from outside the school
    • Upon hearing the general greeting, press #.
    • Enter your mailbox number and your security code, followed by #.
    • Press 1 to retrieve messages, or
    • Press 7 and then 1 to change your greeting, 
    • Press 7 and then 4 to set your security code, or 
    • Press 7 and then 6 to record your name.
    How to Edit/Setup Speed Dial Buttons on IP Phones: 
    • Press the Options button on your phone (far right button)
    • Enter your Voicemail password
    • Arrow down to highlight Program Buttons and press center button
    • Select button to program (this would be your speed dial button)
    • Arrow down to highlight dial number and press center button
    • Enter speed dial number with "7" to dial out
    How to Connect Your IP Phone:

    If you have a desk phone, you probably have an IP phone. IP phones have a large LED screen and say ShoreTel on the phone. If you need to move your phone, please connect it as follows: One network cable needs to connect from the screen icon port on the back of your phone to the network port on your computer. The other network cable needs to connect from the wire icon network port on the back of the phone to the network drop in the wall. 
     Quick Reference Guides and User Manuals: