• Therapeutic Intervention Program (T.I.P)

    TIP is a short term therapeutic/academic program at the high school established to address students whose education has been inhibited or interrupted by significant emotional issues.  These emotional disturbances may manifest themselves in school avoidance, an inability to access the curriculum, truancy, and/or cutting classes.  Many of these students have fallen behind in academics and require intensive therapeutic and academic intervention in order to meet the academic and school expectations.

    In this time period, the students will attempt to makeup missing work in order to transition back to the classroom while decreasing their emotional vulnerability.  Group counseling will be provided on a daily basis by the school psychologist or a psychology intern.  Individual counseling will take place at least once a week or on an as needed basis.  The psychologist will serve as the liaison between the family, school, and if applicable, any outside mental health provider.

    A teacher in the program will coordinate academic work between students and classroom teachers.  The program teacher will also assist students with any assignment, clarifying or explaining the material they do not understand.  The classroom teachers will provide students with examinations when they have appropriately mastered the material.  Assignments will be returned to the classroom teacher in a timely manner.  Classroom teachers will assess, give grades and return work.

    Transition from the program can precede one of two ways.  If students have completed all work in a particular class, they may begin to attend that class while remaining in the program the rest of the day.  The students may also completely transition to their original class schedule if psychologist, teachers, and student agree it would be appropriate.

    Program Schedule:

    The program will begin each school day at 9:00 a. m. (second period) and run to 1:08) p.m. (end of 5th period).  Students are expected to be in their classroom at all times during the day except if they are transitioning back to classes.

    The Enrollment Process

    A referral to the program may be made by any staff personnel.  The student as well as at least one parent will be part of an intake interview to determine whether the program is appropriate for that youngster.  The interview committee will consist of a school psychologist, the student’s school counselor, LRC teacher (if applicable), the assistant principal, and CSE chair (if applicable).