President  Alexa Froomberg
       President-Elect  Jessica Rosenberg
       Secretary  Samantha April
       Treasurer  Thao Nguyen
       V.P. ASC  Gina Waldman
       V.P. Technology  Aggy Shawn
       V.P. Class Parents  Deborah Lichtenstein
       After School Clubs Treasurer  Ivy Dong
       Book Fair  Wendy Katz
         Jaqueline Sacks
       Budget Study Liaison  Thao Nguyen
       C.H.I.L.D. Liaison  Andrea Burinescu
         Nicole Warren
       Class Pictures  Naomi Arons
         Jen Curtis
         Janet Han
       Community Service  Janet Han
       Directory  Nicole Lemerond
       Drug/Alcohol Task Force Liaison  -
       Family Fun Night  Carrie Parker
       Fifth Grade Liaison  xxx
       Friends of Music and Arts Liaison  -
       HExpo/MakerSpace  Kerry Hayes
       Hospitality Jessica Rosenberg
       Kindergarten Publishing Center Rachel Rilander
        Tara Kaplan
       Kindergarten Social  xxx
       Learning from Our Differences  Sima Saran Ahuja
         Ana Bluth 
         Lilia Hess
       Learning to Look (Grades 1-5)  Reshma Shetty
         Aggy Shawn (backup)
       Learning to Look (Kindergarten)  Ingrid Papale
       Legislative Committee Liaison  Jessica Rosenberg
       Lunch Liaison  Nicole Lemerond
         Ilanit Blumenfeld
       Multicultural Committee  Claire Yang
         Angela Telles
       Newcomers Committee  Deborah Lichtenstein
       Performing Arts  Elana Glatt
         Veronika Roberts 
       Back-to-School Picnic  Erica Papir
         Fun Run- Carrie Lieberman
       PTC Delegates Liaison  Jessica Rosenberg
       Publicity  Buffy Hersley
       Safety  Jessica Rosenberg
         Alexa Froomberg
       Scarsdale Adult School Liaison  -
       School Supply Kits  Sarah Cohen
       Spirit Wear  Beth Keyser
         Ali Rosenzweig 
       Sports Swap Liaison  -
       STEAM Day Liaison  Kerry Hayes
         Carrie Lieberman
       Student Artwork (Square One)  Orly Kobi
       Sustainability / Green  Aggy Shawn
         Angie Keh
       Visiting Author  Sima Ahuja 
         Jennifer Lemberg
       Website  Aggy Shawn
       Young Writers' Workshop Liaison  
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