Mr. Gluck @ Edgewood

Who is Mr. Gluck??

  • Hi....and welcome!!

    I'm Mr. Gluck, and I'll be your teacher this year.  I'd like to tell you a little about me.... 

    This is my twentieth year at Edgewood and have taught at another school for two years before that. But...I haven't always been a public school teacher.

    Before teaching, I was a freelance photographer (which means I worked for myself and took all sorts of interesting and different photographic assignments). Sometimes I photographed scenery and objects, sometimes celebrities, and sometimes everyday people, like us!!

    I became a teacher at the age of 45 and have been teaching Fifth Grade for 13 years. My favorite thing about being a teacher is....learning.  That's why I have so many hobbies and why I like to help students, like you, to love learning as much as I do. Some of my hobbies include: flying planes; playing drums; singing; woodworking; reading; drawing; architecture; making books from scratch; studying other languages; building scale models; building and flying radio controlled airplanes; building and flying high-powered rockets; gardening; stamp collecting....and a few others.

    I have two grown sons.  My older son is an aerospace engineer and works at Cape Canaveral. My younger son is a digital animator and compositor and he lives with me.

    And's almost time for us to meet!!

    It's my hope that we'll have a wonderful adventure this year, being curious, learning lots of things, having fun, and making mistakes. (The "making mistakes" part is actually a good way to learn!!)

    Please come to school each day with a big smile, lots of wonder, gobs of passion to learn, and the joy of being with friends.

    See you soon!!

    Mr. Gluck