Mr. Gluck @ Edgewood

Who is Mr. Gluck??

  • Hi....and welcome!!

    I'm Mr. Gluck, and I'll be your teacher this year.  Let me tell you a little about me....

    Well...I've been at Edgewood for eighteen years and taught at another school for two years before that. But...I haven't always been a public school teacher.

    Before teaching, I was a freelance photographer (which means I worked for myself and took all sorts of interesting and different photographic assignments). Sometimes I photographed scenery and objects, sometimes celebrities, and sometimes everyday people, like us!!

    I became a teacher at the age of 45 and have been teaching Fifth Grade for ten years. My favorite thing about being a teacher is....learning.  That's why I have so many hobbies and why I like to help students, like you, to love learning as much as I do. Some of my hobbies include: flying planes; playing drums; singing; woodworking; reading; drawing; architecture; making books from scratch; studying other languages; building scale models; building and flying radio controlled airplanes; building and flying high-powered rockets; gardening; stamp collecting....and a few others.

    I have two grown sons.  My older son is an aerospace engineer and works at Cape Canaveral. My younger son is a digital animator and compositor and he lives with me.

    I had a wonderful summer and hope that you did as well. My first two weeks were spent at woodworking school, in Maine, learning to carve designs into all different kinds of wood, with chisels and gouges and mallets - oh my! I also learned about thin sheets of wood that are peeled from beautiful trees, like beech, maple, mahogany, and walnut. Each of these sheets has a wonderful pattern of the wood as it grew into a tree, and each of these sheets can be glued together to design some amazing patterns used in making furniture. These are called, "veneer", which means "A thin, decorative covering..." A friend asked me to build a storage box out of cedar wood and that took me awhile as well. Plus...I read some really interesting books - at night - in the tent I was using to camp out. Finally...I went to Florida to visit my elder son.  

    So...a busy time!!  I hope your summer was also a wonderful adventure!!

    And's almost time for us to meet!!

    It's my hope that we'll have a wonderful adventure this year, being curious, learning lots of things, having fun, and making mistakes. (The "making mistakes" part is actually a good way to learn!!)

    Please come to school each day with a big smile, lots of wonder, the joy of being with friends, and...importantly... a willingness to learn!!

    See you soon!!

    Mr. Gluck