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    Posted by Laurence Brown on 7/28/2015

    Welcome to 11th Grade U.S. History.

    I have prepared this handout so that each of you will understand the various procedures that will be followed for this class. I understand that it is not fair for me to expect you to follow guidelines unless you have been made aware of those procedures beforehand. Now that you have been given this handout, you cannot argue that you were not aware of any of these guidelines.

    • Arrive on time for class. You should be in your seat when class begins. Lateness is something that really bothers me, so I expect you here on time.
    • I encourage active participation in class. In fact, your grade in this class will include some relationship to the extent of your involvement in class discussions. Class participation involves your effort and attitude on all of your work in class. It DOES NOT mean that you need to raise you hand all the time. There are lots of ways to demonstrate your active role in our class work – having an open mind, encouraging your classmates, etc.
    • For each unit, you will receive be given assignments, all of which will be posted on this site. This work will form the basis of any and all unannounced reading quizzes that we may have during the year. Any information covered in your homework readings (whether discussed in class or not) may be included in any future assessments (tests, quizzes, etc.).
    • Cheating is wrong. You should know what cheating is and then don’t do it. Among other consequences, it will result in a zero. Plagiarism (which will be defined later) will also result in a zero. This type of behavior is beneath each of you, so don’t disgrace yourself with this type of conduct.
    • Respect. Aretha Franklin (you have heard of her, haven’t you?) wants it, and I demand that we all exhibit it in our class. You must respect all people – your classmates, yourself and your teachers.
    • In order to further your education and development as a student in high school, we need to communicate with each other – in and out of the classroom. During the first quarter, you should make it your business to see me in my office and let me know who you are. You should always feel free to see me when you have a question about an assignment or if you need help with your work. A warning: If you do not do well on an assignment and you come see me afterwards, I will surely ask you why you did not come in before the assignment. There is a way to avoid that very awkward exchange.
    • How to find me:

                   Office: Room 266

                   Office phone: 721-2553

                   Home e-mail: laurence.p.brown@gmail.com (to be used by students only)

    • Yes, you will receive grades in this course. You will be assessed on papers, tests, quizzes, class projects, presentations, and homework. Another warning: Your failure to participate in our class discussions may result in disappointment with your grade. Bring your “A game” to class.
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