• First Read this Document 
     Create a portrait in
    Photoshop using only
    objects from nature.
     nature portrait 2
     nature portrait
    Look at the work of 
    Giuseppe Arcimboldo
    Start by creating a New Document
    in Photoshop.  File /New  and make
    it 8.5 x 11 inches
    Use Control Click to copy images
    from the internet.

    Be sure you delete the white around your images using the magic wand.

    Naming your layers will help to keep you organized. 

    You will need to use the transform tools to resize and distort your images.

    Command J is useful to make a copy of a layer.

    You can use any other tool or action in Photoshop that you already know.

    When you are done Save it as a JPEG.

    Show it to me before printing.