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    Do you wonder why we continue to mine for coal when it is so hazardous to the environment?  Or why we drill deep into the Earth and use chemicals to extract oil and natural gas?  These are complicated questions involving not only serious environmental issues but also financial, societal and geopolitical impacts.  All of this just to keep our lights on, cellphones charged, and the energy flowing?  Inevitably demand will outstrip supply leading to higher prices, volatility and far-reaching consequences that will extend into the adult lives of our students.
    In this course we will discuss these issues and learn the basics of the extraction process used in coal mining and oil/natural gas drilling.  We will also visit and explore first hand two different types of coal mines, an abandoned coal town, and an area of Pennsylvania that is actively hydrofracking for natural gas. 
    Feel free to bring a flash drive to copy photos used in class.  Elise and I look forward to seeing you on June 29. 
    Important information
    Dates:  Monday, June 29 - Wednesday, July 1.
    We will meet in room 391 at Scarsdale High School at 8 a.m. on Monday and finish by about 1 p.m.  We will discuss the basics of fossil fuels in the context of our field work and the details of our forthcoming trip (i.e. carpooling, food, accommodations).
    Mining Tour at the Pioneer Tunnel Coal Mine - $12.50 per person.
    Hotel: Hampton Inn, Williamsport Downtown - $83.00 + tax, breakfast included.  Hotel has indoor pool and hot tub. We have booked the rooms for you at a special rate and you pay your bill at checkout.
    Food: To save some time, please bring lunch on June 30.   We have made reservations at a local restaurant for dinner near our hotel.
    Comfortable clothing for our outdoor experiences.  Closed-toe shoes such as sneakers or hiking shoes are recommended.  You will need a jacket or sweatshirt for the Pioneer Tunnel Mine Tour as the temperature in the mine is a constant 55 degrees. 
    Reference Material:
    U.S. Energy ranking by state
    influential source of energy reports and predictions
    Anatomy of drilling rig components
    Natural gas info from natural gas.org
    BP statistics
    Crude: The Incredible Journey of Oil (2007) is the best film out there that teaches how oil forms....The history, science, politics, etc.  We have the DVD available at school and there are student worksheets with thought provoking questions.
    You can purchase a copy of the DVD or view it online at you Tube or ABC/broadband, and visit their FaceBook page
    Drilling and fracking video:
    Drilling and fracking video:
    This timelapse video shows the drilling and fracking of a typical Marathon Oil well in the Eagle Ford, Texas. It was captured in the summer of 2012.  Shows site clearing the site.
    U.S. Geological Survey:  Mineral, oil, and water resource assessments for U.S. and world
    National Petroleum Council:  Government advisory committee to U.S. Secretary of Energy.  Comprised of major oil companies and industry reps.  Compiles solid reports but real data often buried outside the whitewashed executive summaries and conclusions.
    Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
    Harlan County, USA.  Can be found on you tube. This is a great documentary that can be used in parts if you don't want to show the entire film.
    Teaching Tools for Exercises:
    Statistical review of world energy:  Great resource.
    Energy Export Databrowser:
    U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA): Tons of great information and up-to-date.
    The Energy Trap:  Lisa Margonelli's project looking at energy impacts on the middle class through stories and interactive data.
    Chevron's interactive SIMS-like game "energyville" - power your own city
    Interactive oil depletion atlas
    Adventures of Cyberbee:  educators website for developing energy curriculum with links to many online energy teaching resources
    National Geographic map: