• Scarsdale PEP

    Tony Robbins once said that, "the way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives." If I would have had the foresight to write this sentiment, I would have also added the quality of our relationships with others. Proactive and effective communication is among our highest priorities in our schools as it ensures clarity and understanding for all participants. Towards this end, we have developed a District-wide problem-solving process whereby we ask parents to talk to their child's teacher as the first step in addressing any questions or concerns. Classroom teachers have the most knowledge about their students, and they are the most capable of making immediate changes or accommodations. We also do recognize that, at times, resolution is not reached at this level. In these cases, parents should feel comfortable reaching out to other building staff and administration.

    The Parent-Educator Partnership document is an excellent resource for both new and veteran parents. It provides wise counsel on how, when, and where to appropriately raise issues, and provides answers to many frequently asked questions. I encourage all parents to review this information throughout the year.

    I would also like to thank the Scarsdale Teachers' Association and the Parent Teacher Council for diligently working together to craft this important guide. It is collaborations such as this that continue to strengthen our entire school community.

    Dr. Drew Patrick
    Superintendent of Schools

    SHS Parent-Educator Partnership Guide

    SMS Parent-Educator Partnership Guide

    K-5 Parent-Educator Partnership Guide