• Subscribing to District and School Calendars 
    All Scarsdale faculty and staff should subscribe to the District Public Events Google calendar, as well as their respective school's Public Events calendar. Elementary school faculty and staff should also subscribe to the Elem Public Events calendar.  To do so, please follow the below instructions:


    • Log into your Google account
    • Click on a calendar name below
    • Click the +GoogleCalendar button in the bottom right-hand corner of the calendar


    • Go to your Google Calendar 
    • Copy/Paste the Calendar ID for a calendar below into the Add calendar box
    • Click Enter

    Repeat the above steps for the other calendars that are relevant for you. The respective calendars will now appear in your Google calendar list. You should choose a different display color for each calendar.

    If you need help to do this, please contact your building's computer teacher or technology aides or contact Data Services by sending an email to DataServices@scarsdaleschools.org or call x2407 Mondays through Fridays between 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM.

    Calendar ID: scarsdaleschools.org_qfimemg1iep72ul8fpc3uoun5c@group.calendar.google.com
    Calendar ID: scarsdaleschools.org_7ohshc3fru1o241td5imdnuj1c@group.calendar.google.com
    Calendar ID: scarsdaleschools.org_rpcmq75lr0drpaktcl0jt57auk@group.calendar.google.com

    Fox Meadow Calendar (FM Public Events):
    Calendar ID: scarsdaleschools.org_tq4nrh74kj106qa3jb5kdfu6jo@group.calendar.google.com

    Greenacres Calendar (GA Public Events):
    Calendar ID: scarsdaleschools.org_08pavflpjs7vk5ocaojtiv8e88@group.calendar.google.com

    Heathcote Calendar (HE Public Events):
    Calendar ID: scarsdaleschools.org_knlqjel9gr9h0mjpl6mf2pr8ik@group.calendar.google.com

    Quaker Ridge Calendar (QR Public Events):
    Calendar ID: scarsdaleschools.org_rjg6q3kjokhoq2e277sg1j1as8@group.calendar.google.com

    Middle School Calendar (SMS Public Events):
    Calendar ID: scarsdaleschools.org_jk9ivbdiqagc2j8o1bjvrutal8@group.calendar.google.com

    Calendar ID: scarsdaleschools.org_uqqsn03tlruau7ml1rukf14bl4@group.calendar.google.com