• Setting Up School Email on Mobile Devices





    Using the Gmail app

    • If you do not already have Gmail, you must download it from the App Store

    • Open "App Store" 

    • Select "Search" on the bottom of your screen

    • Select the grey search bar at the top of the screen

    • Search "gmail"

    This should appear once you search "gmail" in the App Store
    • Select GET and then INSTALL
    • When Gmail has been installed, open it
    • If your @scarsdaleschools.org email appears, press the switch so it appears as ON
    • Then press "Done" in the top left corner
    • If your @scarsdaleschools.org email does not appear, press "Add another account"
    • Sign into Google with your @scarsdaleschools.org account and then press "Done" in the top left corner

    For a video tutorial:


    Using the “Mail” app

    • Open "Settings"

    • Select "  Mail, Contacts, Calendars"

    • Select "Add Account"

    • Select 

    • Fill out Email and Password fields with your @scarsdaleschools.org account information

    • For "Description" enter "Scarsdale Gmail"
    • Enter your @scarsdaleschools.org email in the "Email" field
    • In the "Server" field, enter m.google.com
    • Leave the "Domain" field empty
    • Enter your @scarsdaleschools.org email in the "Username" field
    • Click Next in the top right corner
    • Click Save in the top right corner

    For a video tutorial:



    using the Gmail app

    • this may have come on your Android phone, but if not you can download/install this (free) app from the Play Store

    • setup is easy, just login to your Google account

    • works seamlessly with other Google tools such as Drive, Calendar etc.

    using the

    Email” app

    • this is the universal mail app built into the Android OS.

    • when prompted “What type of account is this?” click Exchange and when prompted for a server name, type “m.google.com.”


    Reasons for using the Gmail app on iOS devices: https://youtu.be/KLtCxU1G_xQ