• Welcome to Mr. Boyar's Earth Science home page.   Here you will find assignments, websites, applets, and other important information.  Check it daily. 
    Where is this?
    Notebook:  You are expected to maintain a 3-ring notebook with one section for class notes, one for homework, and one for labs and quizzes.
    Homework:  Homework is always collected at the beginning of the class period.  It should be typed unless otherwise instructed.
    Attendance and Tardiness:  You are expected to arrive to class on time.  If you are going to be late because you were speaking with a teacher or a dean please get a pass from that person before coming to class.  Since quizzes are usually given at the beginning of a period, a student who is late without a legal pass will receive a grade of zero.  When you are absent from class you are expected to find out what you have missed as soon as you return. This will be your responsibility. If you missed a day or more of class please arrange to see me to get worksheets and other notes you may have missed.
    Laboratory Work:  Lab work is an important component of your course in Earth Science.  While most of your lab work is performed in class, there will be times when lab work will take place outdoors.  Whether indoors or outdoors you will be expected to work in a cooperative, mature, and respectful way at all times.
    Class Participation:  Participation is strongly encouraged.  While active participation is important, calling out answers is unfair to your classmates.  Please raise your hand whenever you have a question.
    Tests and Quizzes:  If you are absent for a test, you will be expected to make it up within a reasonable period of time.  See me when you return so we can arrange a schedule.  You can make up a test during any one of your free periods.
    Extra Help:  My office is in room 382, but I am often in our classroom (room 391).  Please feel free to come in for extra help whenever you feel the need.  Try to let me know in advance in case I have a meeting or have arranged to see another student.
    Food:  NEVER!  Water is the only beverage allowed in class.
    Cellphones:  Volume off.  Out of sight.  If used in class to text, or to read a text, your phone will be taken away and given to the administration to hold for the remainder of the day.
    This is going to be a great year.  I look forward to getting to know you.
    Important websites 
    Lots of earth science resources on link below: