El Centro Hispano 
    El Centro Hispano offers wonderful opportunities for service learning. Several of our students volunteered as tutors and ran a toy drive to gather toys for the annual "Three Kings" celebration. El Centro Hispano welcomes the help of Scarsdale students who are searching for meaningful service learning opportunities.
    Isabel Villar and Judith Aúcar, directors of the Centro Hispano, have been supporting and strengthening the Hispanic community for over 40 years.  The Centro Hispano is what it is today because two young Hispanic women wanted to give back to the community that had welcomed and nourished them.  Their commitment has turned their dream and the dream of thousands into a reality. 
    Judy Aucar, a co-director of El Cento Hispano in White Plains, visited the Spanish 353 classes of Sra. D’Angelo and Sra. Moreira. She spoke about her personal immigration experience as a Cuban American as well as the various services that are available to Hispanics in Westchester County at their site. Several seniors will be fulfilling a service requirement by working as an English or technology tutor, assisting with food distribution for the less fortunate or organizing/assisting with special events that the center offers to the public in the spring. 
    Centro Hispano Talk  
    On March 6, the co-directors of El Centro Hispano, Isabel Villarreal and Judith Aucar, came to speak with the Interdependence Committee about the array of services they offer to the Hispanics in Westchester.  Several students shared the remarkable experiences that they have had participating/ volunteering in the various programs.  Marc Hersch, a 2014 graduate of SHS currently attending Columbia University, returned and spoke of the strong impact it has had on his life. Oliver Verzani, Oliver Shenberg and Daniella Rodriguez reflected on their work at Eastview school in White Plains in the “mi hermana mayor” (my big sister) program. Sarah Halperin shared the Spanish club's involvement in the Three Kings Day celebration in January with a toy drive and distribution of gifts at the center. 
    Spanish Club - Power Point: Three Kings