•      Birthday Celebrations
                     Each child's birthday is a special day and is celebrated in the classroom.  As per Quaker Ridge policy, no food may be brought in as part of any class events.  
             You are invited to come in and share a "Birthday Box" with the class.  A "Birthday Box" is about the size of a shoe box that contains 4 special items of your child's choosing.  Your child will show and talk about each of the items.  Some choices for items might include, but are certainly not limited to, a picture, a stuffed animal, a special award or token, or anything that tells about your child's interests or hobbies. 
               We will not pass around the objects, but if you like,  you may leave the "Birthday Box" in class for a couple of days so that the rest of the children can look at the items during free time. 
                We celebrate birthdays at 2:30 in the afternoon. We should be finished with the celebration by 2:45 so that we can get ready to pack up.
                 As mentioned at Open House, kindly make arrangements for younger siblings to stay at home.  Additionally, older siblings may not be pulled from other classrooms.