• QUIZLET: Using this amazing on-line tool to study well!
    STUDYING is the KEY to doing well!
    STUDYING takes time (and it's a different amount for every kid!)!
    STUDYING will help you participate in class more and will improve quiz and test scores!
    STUDYING should happen every night!

    Features of Quizlet:

    STEP 1: Learning!
    1.  Flashcards 
    2.  Scatter (GAME!)
    STEP 2: Practicing!
    2. Learn
    3.  Speller
    STEP 3: Mastering & Preparing for the quiz/test/final exam!
    4.  Test
    5.  Space Race (GAME!)
    -PRINT your set!

    How to make your own set:
    1.  CLICK: Create a set
    2.  Set title (this is the name of your set)
    3.  Fill in the words & definitions
       a.  LEFT COLUMN: front side of the card
       b.  RIGHT COLUMN: back side of the card
    4.  Add a picture
    5.  Record yourself  (or computer will say the words for you)
    6.  Click: CREATE
    -Make a folder for each class!
    -Combine sets (to study for a test or a final exam)
    -Copy a set from a teacher or a friend and put it into your account!
    -SEARCH in Quizlet for a set that was already made by your teacher or a student (this year or before this year!)
    ANY QUESTIONS: Mrs. Millard is in room T102 Tuesdays to Fridays for extra help! Stop by!
    -Make a set for an upcoming quiz!