• Heathcote After School Clubs Program
    Information, Policies and Procedures


    • Your family must be a current member (this school year) of the Heathcote PTA in order for your child(ren) to be enrolled in ASC. Click HERE to register for the PTA.
    • Any outstanding balances with the PTA must be paid before the commencement of ASC.

    Student Services

    ASC is not affiliated with the Scarsdale School District proper, and so any special services and accommodations provided by the District during regular instructional hours are not available during after-school programming. 

    Medications and Emergency Contact Information

    • Please note––no medical personnel are on site during club hoursThere is no nurse on duty after 3:10 PM and the medical office is locked. Medications left in the nurse's office are not accessible after 3:10 PM. Any child old enough to self-medicate must have a signed letter from his/her doctor, and must carry his/her own medication.
    • Children who are unable to self-medicate must have a parent or caretaker available at the after school program site to assist them in case of an emergency.
    • ASC provides chaperones during club hours. Our chaperones take attendance, aid students and instructors during club hours and monitor club dismissals. Chaperones have a first aid kit to handle minor injuries. In an emergency, the chaperones or instructors will notify the parents and call 911. Please make sure we have updated emergency contact information on your ASC Student Information form, on file in the school office, and on our online SchoolBee Directory.

    Registration, Payment and Refunds

    • Registration for ASC is NOT on a “first-come, first-served” basis.
    • We hope to accommodate all students registered, but there is a maximum enrollment size for each club. In the event a club is oversubscribed, we will use a blind lottery system for all children registered.
    • Registration is available online through PayPal. To register, click on the Club Registration link on the left-hand menu.
    • The email address you provide to register (on the Student Information Form and in Paypal) is the address that will be used for all club related communication.
    • In the event a student is closed out of a club, we will contact you to determine whether you prefer to receive your money back, or enroll in a different club.
    • If the minimum number for enrollment is not met, a club may be canceled. In this case, you may select an alternative club or request a refund.
    • Once clubs have been finalized, the rosters will be emailed to the address you provided at the time of registration.
    • A $10 transaction fee will be charged for any refunds other than those triggered by lottery results. 

    ASC Financial Aid

    Families may inquire about financial assistance for ASC by contacting the Heathcote Medical Office. Please be assured that these requests will remain confidential.

    Clubs Meeting Dates and Times

    • All clubs begin at 3:15PM and end at 4:15PM.
    • Clubs dates vary to accommodate holiday/school schedules, so please check the ASC calendar carefully.
    • Clubs do not meet on conference days or noon dismissal days.

    Getting to Clubs

    Heathcote classroom teachers in Grades K-5 have daily dismissal procedures. The use the ASC rosters to ensure the children get to the correct clubs. Kindergarten students are escorted each day by ASC chaperones who meet them in the K-Wing and walk them to their respective club locations. First Grade classroom teachers guide their students to clubs. Students in Grades 2-5 are reminded of their club commitments, but it is the responsibility of each child to travel from classroom to club location on his/her own. Please be sure to update Dismissal Manager accordingly for each of your children participating in ASC.

    Club Attendance

    • Both club instructors and chaperones take attendance to ensure that all children are at their assigned clubs.
    • If your child is at school but is NOT going to a club,  Please be sure to update Dismissal Manager accordingly for each of your children participating in ASC. We depend on this information to reconcile daily club attendance to ensure all children have arrived at their assigned clubs. 

    Food and Beverages

    • You may send your child to school on club days with a nut-free small snack and/or beverage to enjoy before clubs begin as neither food nor beverages are provided.
    • Prior to the start of clubs, students are permitted to enjoy their beverages/snacks away from the club activity area and then must dispose of trash and clean hands before beginning club activity. Children are familiar with this practice, as it is similar to what occurs during the school day.
    • There is NO food permitted in the clubs! 

    Dismissal and Pickup

    • All clubs end promptly at 4:15PM. Please be on time to pick up your child.
    • Please respect the Heathcote traffic regulations: 5 mph speed limit within school grounds and no parking in the traffic circle.
    • All doors will be locked until dismissal at 4:15PM with aides present in the area outside the auditorium.
    • No parents will be allowed in the building under any circumstance. At 4:15PM all children will be dismissed through "Door 3" only. 
    • We have asked all instructors to escort their classes to the auditorium area for pick-up.
    • If your child has permission to walk home, please submit written authorization to the ASC chaperones. Only students with written permission will be dismissed without an adult escort.

    Weather Issues and Cancellations

    • Weather: If there is no school or schools close early, there will be no clubs. The District's phone system will alert you of any school or District-wide closing. There are NO MAKE UPS if clubs are canceled due to weather or district closures. There are no refunds for canceled days either.
    • Individual Club/Instructor Cancellation: In the event of an unforeseen cancellation (i.e. instructor illness) every effort will be made to contact families as soon as we are aware of the cancellation. If necessary, our chaperones are available to supervise children until the scheduled 4:15PM pickup time. We will make every attempt to make up the club at the end of the session. However, no refunds will be issued if we/club provider is unable to make up the session. 

    Responding to Disruptive Behavior
    For the safety and enjoyment of all children in ASC, appropriate behavior is required. Appropriate behavior is that consistent with proper behavior expected in any classroom at the Heathcote Elementary School. At the discretion of the club instructor, a child displaying disruptive or inappropriate behavior will be asked to leave the club and sit with an ASC chaperone until 4:15PM dismissal. Parents will receive an incident report signed by the instructor. Children who receive a second disruptive behavior report will be required to withdraw from that club for that semester. No refunds will be given in this case. A child may be removed from a club at any time at the discretion of the PTA.