• Latin America in World History 

    The Social Studies curriculum in World History, US History and contemporary studies requires a sound base of knowledge of Latin American history and culture. This course will help teachers prepare units of study for World History I and II, US History and for courses that focus on International politics or studies. Sample units to be designed: Mesoamerica and Andean societies; Colonial Latin America; Latin America in the 19th c.; Latin America and the US; Latin America in the Cold War; Latin America and US Immigration policy; Latin America and globalization.

    We know very little about Latin America and any complete 21st century education should help prepare our students to interact with our fellow Americans. Because so little about Latin America is “tested” on standardized exams, it is an area of study that frequently gets dismissed or downgraded in lesson planning. The purpose of this course is to provide teachers with extensive materials so that they can prepare lessons that focus on Latin America in the historical context of the required courses and/or allow teachers to prepare interdisciplinary lessons that reference some aspect of Latin American history, art, politics and/or culture and/or comparative lessons with other regions of the world.