• Welcome back and welcome to 8th grade!  I hope you had an enjoyable and fulfilling summer.  I am looking forward to an exciting, thought-provoking, challenging, and engaging school year.. We will be examining the history of our country in order to develop an understanding of how the past continues to shape the present.  As we move through the year, we will take time to investigate and discuss current events and recent history - in the United States and abroad - in order to become informed about the issues facing our world today.  Our class is a community that mirrors the community outside these walls, so everyone is expected to contribute individually and collaboratively in order for us to achieve our goals.  Social studies opens the door to an understanding of the world; the work we do this year will serve as a foundation for your future studies in high school, and ultimately, prepare you for the world beyond Scarsdale.


    1. Industrialization, Urbanization, Immigration, and the West 

    2, The Jim Crow Era

    3. Imperialism

    4. The Progressive Era

    5. World War I

    6. The Roaring 20s and the Great Depression

    7. World War II

    8. The Cold War 

    9. The Civil Rights Movement

    10. Recent History