Global Nomads Group
    Teachers at SMS have partnered with Global Nomads Group (GNG), a non-governmental organization, to foster dialogue and understanding across cultural lines among the world’s youth. The organization provides opportunities to connect students in all countries from all cultures.  Their goal, as well as ours, is to break down misconceptions and stereotypes that exist and engage students in conversations that challenge misconceptions as they discuss them openly, honestly with students across the globe. GNG offers numerous programs that connect North American schools to schools in the Middle East, north Africa and central Asia allowing students from both sides of the ocean with the mission to create a community that helps change global perspectives. 

    This year we were part of two semester programs.  In the fall, students engaged in a face to face videoconference program with students in Thailand. This spring students are engaging in a campfire program that will connect Fountain 7 and Popham 7 students with students in Amman, Jordan. To access the Thailand and Jordan pages, use the navigation bar to the left.