• By-Laws of the Scarsdale Teachers Institute


    A. Official Name of Center

    Scarsdale Teachers Institute


    B. Membership Institutions

    1. The member institutions shall be the Scarsdale and Edgemont school districts.
    2. Additional members may be added with the approval of a two-thirds majority of the STI Policy Board.
    3. Fees for new members will be determined by the Policy Board.


    C. Policy Board Membership

    In accordance with Ed Law 316

    1. The majority of members of the Policy Board shall be teachers chosen by their respective Teacher Associations and shall include at least one representative of each building.
    2. Additional members of the Policy Board shall include administrators, community representatives, Parent Teacher Council president, a higher education representative, and a member of the Board of Education of each participating district. The Teachers Associations’ presidents or their designees shall serve as members of the Policy Board.


    D. Policy Board Committees

    The Policy Board shall reserve the right to establish committees as needed.


    E. Regular Duties of Policy Board

    1. Policy Formulation
      1. Discuss results of needs assessment and approve the plan for meeting identified priorities.
      2. Review and approve course descriptions submitted by Director.
      3. Suggest programs, consultants, and projects.
    2. Employment of Staff or Consultants
      1. Appoint and evaluate a Teacher-Director to oversee operation of the STI.
      2. Approve staffing needs as recommended by Director for center.
      3. Review appointments of teacher-coordinators, consultants, and instructors.
    3. Budget Control and Expenditure
      1. Approve budget as prepared by the Director of the STI.
      2. Review budget expenditures for projects, equipment, and consultants.
      3. Monitor management of the STI.
    4. Other Managerial and Supervisory Activities
      1. Evaluate the progress and effectiveness of the program.
      2. Establish office space/equipment/services needs for the STI.
      3. Plan for future growth.


    Policy Board Meetings

    1. Policy Board meetings shall be held on a regular basis.
    2. The Policy Board Chairperson with the Director will prepare an agenda for each meeting.
    3. A simple majority is required for transaction of business.
    4. Roberts Rules of Order shall be used to govern procedures.
    5. The Policy Board will receive a report of the progress of the center at each meeting.
    6. Policy Board members shall be entitled to a one credit, tuition-free course for each semester they serve on the Policy Board.
    7. The Policy Board Chairperson shall be elected by a majority of the Policy Board.
    8. Alternative methods of voting shall include telephone and electronic messages.


    Fiscal Management of Center

    1. Securing Funding
      1. Funding shall be secured from the following sources: the two core school districts,
      2. federal, state, and private grants, tuition fees, and additional sources as they emerge.
      3. The fee schedule for courses shall be established by the Director and approved by the Policy Board.
    2. Fiscal Management
      1. The Director shall prepare a budget for review and approval by the Policy Board
      2. The Policy Board shall receive a budget status report from the Treasurer at each meeting.
      3. The Policy Board shall approve procedures for awarding subcontracts.


    Center Personnel

    1. A two-thirds quorum is necessary for personnel actions.
    2. The Policy Board shall have authority for recruitment, hiring, and firing of the Director.
    3. Standard procedures shall be followed for recruitment, hiring, and firing of personnel, in accordance with Education Law and in cooperation with the school districts.

    Approved: June 2014