• Conductive Kandinskys

    (Connecting Music, Art, and Circuitry)

          This project was a collaboration between Lisa Forte (Music Teacher) and Matthew Fitzpatrick (Art Teacher) at Edgewood Elementary School in Scarsdale, NY.  The goal of this project was to combine music and art in order to teach Kindergarten students the principles of circuitry through the embodiment of sound.  Students explored the art of Wassily Kandinsky and the musical composition was composed by Lisa Forte. 
          In the music room, students gained awareness of pitch, rhythm, tempo and dynamics by embodying melodies/loops ("put the sounds in their bodies") through movement.  In the art room, we listened to the same melodies/loops and interpreted these sounds into color, line, shape and form.  Using conductive paint, students outlined their (elements) painted lines, shapes and forms.  Each painting was hooked up to a MaKey MaKey circuit system, which is plugged into a computer that has Scratch software programmed to play each melody/loop separately.  This process allows each element to play the same melody/loop when the painting is touched and the circuit is completed.
          Students experimented with a circuit box, which utilizes a MaKey Makey.  Students then drew circuit designs in pencil.  They hooked their drawing up to the circuit box, touched the ground wire with one hand and their drawing with the other. If their circuit was complete a sound played, if not they had to experiment independently to find out why.  Once they had a complete understanding, they then went back to their Conductive Kandinsky painting to fix any missed connections or errors.