•  Words Below are various suggestions on ways to help you at home work with the Scarsdale Kindergarten Sight Word List (or any sight words) we will be learning this year in Kindergarten. Our sight words will be worked on throughout the year. I will mention specific sight words on our Newsletter. 
     a, am, and, at, be, can, do , for, go, have, he, I, in, is, it, like, me, my, no, on, said, see, she, the, to, we, you
    Sight words should be recognized by
    SIGHT. “Sounding out” will not always
    work, and students should be able to read
    the word in 5-8 seconds.
    Practice in short sessions. Two 8 minute
    sessions will be more productive than one
    16 minute session.
    If the child becomes frustrated, change
    activities or take a break. 
    Set goals with your child. How many can
    he get right? Raise the goal by just a few
    each time to build in success.
    Flash Card Games
    1. Can you find? Lay cards on table, face up.
    Ask the student to find a given word. If they
    find it, they keep it. Keep going until all cards
    are picked up.
    2. Who has more? Flash cards to student. If
    they read the word within 5 seconds, they
    keep the card. If not, you keep the card. The
    goal is that the child has more than you at the
    end of the game.
    3. Concentration Using double copies of the
    words, take turns turning over two cards at a
    time, trying to make a match. The player must
    read the word correctly to get the match.
    4. Go Fish Using double copies of the words,
    pass out all but 5-6 of the words. Put these in
    a stack, face down, on the table. Look for
    matches in your set of cards (each player
    must be able to read the word or the set goes
    in the stack on the table). Take turns asking
    each other for cards to make matches. The
    person with the most matches at the end is
    the winner.
    5. BINGO Draw a simple Bingo card (5 boxes
    wide and 5 high) and put sight words in the
    boxes. You may need to repeat words to have
    25 words. On little slips of paper put the
    locations (B1 etc.). Draw a slip and if the child
    can read the word in the box they get to put a
    token in the corresponding box on his BINGO
    card. If he can’t read it, you get to put a
    token in your corresponding box. The winner
    is the person who gets 5 boxes in a row.
     (Ideas from S A N T A  R O S A  C O U N T Y blog )
    Here is list of Multisensory ways to learn and practice sight words:
    * Have your child write sight words with glitter glue
    * Have your child write sight words with wikki stix
    * Have your child write sight words with playdoh
    * Have your child write sight words with puffy paint
    * Put craft sand on a paper plate. Have your child practice tracing sight words
    in the sand.
    * Put hair gel in a ziploc baggie. Seal the baggie. Have your child write the
    letters of the sight word in the gel.
    * Squirt shaving cream on a plate or table. Spread the cream. Have your child
    write the sight words in the shaving cream.
    * Jump, hop, clap, tap out the letters of the sight word (t-h-e “the”).
    MORE games:
    * Make sight word flashcards on 3 x 5 index cards and place them on a ring.
    Short and frequent practice with naming the words works better than longer
    sessions. Try reviewing the cards during commercial breaks.
    * Draw a star on the back of a 3 x 5 index card. Place this card and the flashcards
    face down on the table. Take turns turning over a card and reading the
    words. Try to be the player who finds the card with a star.
    * Play “Slap Jack” with the sight word and star cards. When the star card is
    turned over, the first player to slap it wins.
    * Make duplicates of the sight word cards and play the memory game.
    * Make several 5 x 5 grids and put sight words in the squares. Make your own
    chips with the words written on them. Play bingo.
    * Write the sight words on sticky notes and place them on a wall. Turn down
    the lights and give your child a flashlight. Have your child shine the light on
    the words and read each word. 
     (Ideas from Make, Take and Teach Blog)