• Fox Meadow SchoolBee Mobile Directory

    Welcome to the Fox Meadow Mobile Directory! SchoolBee can be accessed from your computer or smartphone. This tutorial is for smartphone use (but similar functionality on the computer). Our new mobile directory is available at schoolbee.com.

    What can the SchoolBee Mobile Directory do for me?

    • Access the Fox Meadow Directory from your smartphone.
    • Display up to date Fox Meadow household information: address, e-mail, phone, parents, and siblings.
    • Scroll through organized group lists: Fox Meadow personnel; PTA committees; and students & faculty teams sorted by class and grade.
    • One touch call, text, email and GPS driving directions.
    Security: Access to our school directory is granted by approval of the Fox Meadow PTA by e-mail invitation to a parent’s registered e-mail address. Each parent can have his or her own account. SSL encrypted, industry standard. Privacy: You control your household’s privacy settings and what others can view. Questions: Contact fmdirectory@gmail.com  



    First Time Access

    Parents will receive an e-mail invitation to join SchoolBee (sent to parents’ registered e-mail addresses). This email address is your User ID. Click the green link for first time login and follow the prompts to make a password and confirm your household information. Please make any corrections and updates. (Note: an updated parent email address will be the new User ID for future logins.)

    Add SchoolBee to Your Smartphone’s Home Screen

    The website is optimized for smartphone use (native mobile app coming soon).


    Login and Visit the Fox Meadow Directory Page

    Once you are logged in, the menu will offer the option Schools. All of the district schools are represented, and clicking on a school that is not your child’s school (or where you are eligible but have not paid PTA membership) will provide access to public information only on that school’s page. Scroll through organized lists of Fox Meadow administration, faculty, support staff, and PTA.

    Fox Meadow PTA


    Support & Services



    View Class Listing

    From the Fox Meadow School menu, click Classes and then the class/grade you are interested in viewing. Or, from the main menu, select My Child’s Classes for your students’ class listings. The faculty team will display at the top followed by alphabetized students. Scrolling down will give you access to everyone, and you can email and call directly from the display page.

    Use the Search Bar to Find Fox Meadow Parents, Students and School Personnel


    Controlling Privacy

    Under the main menu, go to My Profile or My Family. Toggle the eye between open (public) or closed (private).
    Questions? Contact fmdirectory@gmail.com