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    What should I do to get started?

    1. Determine what type of Senior Options you would like to do.

    2. Next you will need to find a mentor to help you throughout the Senior Options process. This will be a faculty member that you will meet with on a weekly basis to discuss your Senior Options. For more detailed information on the role of a mentor click here

    3. Once you have determined the type of Senior Options that interests you with your mentor, it's time to start thinking about what you actually want to do for your internship. You can start by finding an internship and sponsor. To find out more about the Sponsor's role, click here. You CANNOT work for/with family or your family's company.   We limit 2 SHS students per sponsor/active employee with the exception of teachers, where it is limited to 1 student per teacher.

    4. Interview your sponsor to make sure it is what you are looking to do. Make your internship official.

    5. Once you have all this in place, you are ready to write and submit your proposal.

    6. You CANNOT start your Senior Options project until all your paperwork has been received and your proposal has been approved. 

    7. Familiarize yourself with the rules and expectations before you begin your Senior Options. Click here for more details.