• Standardized Testing 
    A standardized test is one that is administered and scored under the same conditions for all students.  Through such tests, the students in Scarsdale are evaluated in relationship to students regionally, statewide, and nationally.
    These tests serve a variety of purposes:

    ·      They provide additional information for teachers, parents, and students on students’ progress with basic skills.

    ·      They assist teachers in identifying students in need of additional support.

    ·      They provide information to administrators and teachers about curriculum and instruction.

    ·      They provide information about the performance of Scarsdale students relative to students in the region, state, and nation.

    ·      Some are required by state mandate.

    The Limits of Standardized Testing 

    Parents and educators should use caution when interpreting standardized test scores.  They should not be the sole evaluation of student achievement or an educational program because:

    ·       The tests are concerned only with certain basic skills and abilities and are not intended to measure total achievement for each subject and grade.

    ·       The best assessment of a student’s achievement is still classroom performance as judged by a teacher who sees the student’s work in a variety of situations over the course of a school year.  
    AssessmentTo EvaluateGrade
    Test Given
    Results Available
    NYS Tests ELA, Math  Science
    Grades 3-8
    Grades 4 & 8

    April, May & June

    NYS Regents Algebra, English, U.S. History & Gov't., Global History, Living Environment Grades 8 - 11 August, January & June August, January & June
    *PSAT Critical Reading & Math Primarily Grade 11 (with a few 10s) October December
    *ACT or SAT  Critical Reading, Math & Writing Grades 11-12 Throughout the year Two to four weeks after the student takes the test
    *SAT Subject Tests Academic Subjects Grades 9-12 Throughout the year Two to four weeks after the student takes the test
    *Advanced Placement Test (AP)        Academic Subjects     Grades 9 12

    Throughout the year  

      Two to four weeks after the student takes the test
    **NYSESLAT English Proficiency K-12 April-May Late summer
     **NYSITELL    English Proficiency Diagnostic for Course Placement    K-12    Upon the ELL student's entry into the district Shortly after completion of the exam
    * Students have the opportunity to take these standardized tests depending on their particular experiences and educational plans
    ** Limited English Proficiencey (LEP) only