• Seventh Grade Band Early Morning Rehearsal Schedule 


    Hello, welcome to our Early Morning 7th Grade Band schedule!

    All Middle School Early Morning Rehearsals begin at 7:20AM. 

    Seventh grade band students WILL HAVE EARLY MORNING REHEARSAL EVERY WEEK (usually on Wednesdays for 7th graders, though this occasionally changes due to concert dates) BEGINNING AT 7:20 AM.


    Rehearsals are in the SMS Band Room. Students should be dropped off in the morning (there is no busing for AM rehearsals) at the lower circle (walking in by the auditorium). Please use the Catherine/Kelwynne Rd. entrance.


    We will begin rehearsals in late September/early October. THE SCHEDULE IS BELOW.

    WE WILL START PLAYING AT 7:20 AM. Tardiness is not appropriate as it interrupts the experience for all the students. It is expected that students are ready to play at 7:20 AM. Rehearsals will be every WEDNESDAY morning unless otherwise noted by Dr. Slot. We take breaks from Early Morning Rehearsals (January/early February, late May/June) a few times in the year based on our performances.

    TENTATIVE 2023-2024 Early Morning Rehearsal Schedule (Winter Cycle) 
    **NOTE: All students (all instruments & houses) attend all rehearsals UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED (first few rehearsals).

    1. Wednesday, September 27 - percussionists ONLY

    2. Wednesday, October 4 - woodwinds & brass players ONLY

    3. Wednesday, October 11 - percussionists ONLY

    4. Wednesday, October 18 - woodwinds & brass players ONLY

    5. Wednesday, October 25 - EVERYONE (and all rehearsals after this are for everyone)

    6. Wednesday, November 1 - EVERYONE (and all rehearsals after this are for everyone)

    7. Wednesday, November 8 - EVERYONE

    8. Wednesday, November 15 - EVERYONE

    9. Wednesday, November 22 - EVERYONE

    10. Wednesday, November 29 - EVERYONE

    11. (this one date subject to change) Wednesday, December 6 - EVERYONE (morning of our winter concert)

    Wednesday, December 6, 2023 - students arrive 6:30pm; concert begins 7:00pm
    NOTE: We will NOT have Early morning rehearsals from December 6, 2023 through mid- to late February. We will likely start up again after February break. More details to come.
    The spring concert Early Morning Rehearsal cycle will likely begin in late February and will end at the May 8th concert.
    Wednesday, May 8, 2024 - students arrive 6:30pm; concert begins 7:00pm

    CONCERT ATTIRE - SMS POLO Shirt with black pants/skirt (with black stockings or leggings under to approx. knee or below) and black shoes. Please no sneakers, jeans, or sweatpants.


    THANK YOU all for your support of our Early Morning Rehearsals. These rehearsals are the only times we practice together as a full Seventh Grade Band, and it is critical, musically rich, and unique.