• Similar to a foreign language,
    Art has its own unique language.
    My goal is for sixth grade students
    to be able to create and communicate
    with the
    understanding of
    The Language of Arts.


    Texture- refers to the surface quality or "feel" of an object,
    such as roughness, smoothness, or softness.
    Actual texture can be felt while simulated textures are implied.
    Emphasis- in a composition refers to developing points of
    to pull the viewer's eye to important parts of the
    body of the work.
    Balance- is a sense of stability in the body of work.
    Symmetrical balance is the same shapes on both sides,
    where Asymmetrical balance is different shapes but
    create a visual balance with the 
    feeling of equal weight.
    Patternuses the art elements in a planned
    or random repetition to enhance surfaces of art.
    Contrast- refers to a difference in values,
    colors, textures, shapes and other elements. 
    Color- can be bright, dull, dark, or light.