• Welcome to Dilemmas!!!
    Some of the themes we will cover:
    • Well, foremost dilemmas!   How they are different from conflicts and choices and how they can help us.
    •  We will look at the issues of happiness and temptation (what makes us happy, material things, accomplishments, or friendship? What temptations around us make it harder for us to achieve happiness? Is happiness a complex or simple thing? Is temptation a good or bad thing?)_
    • We will also examine the issues of revenge and forgiveness (is revenge ever justified? Do we pay a price for exacting revenge? Is revenge natural and part of our DNA and important to our survival as science suggests? Is forgiveness a better way or the way of the sucker? Can we forgive everyone or are there limits?)
    • And we will spend some time considering the issues of altruism and egoism (Should I look out for myself alone or do I owe things to other people such as family, friends, lovers, or even to my school, job, country? When is egoism or looking out for number one dangerous? When is helping others dangerous to oneself? What does science say, is our survival dependent on cooperation or self interest?)

    In order to truly understand Dilemmas, we will read some philosophical essays, discuss some literature, and dissect some films.

     All of our work will occur on my wiki page   English 12, here: http://oenglish12.wikispaces.com/