Welcome to Public Policy! 

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    • Our Course


    At the end of last year I asked you to complete a survey to help me think about how to create our course. Here are some of the biggest takeaways:

    • Practices in the classroom
      • Discussion/Debates, Creative projects, Real Topics and Simulations were rated the highest.
    • Content
      • Socio-Economic Classes, Race in America, Foreign Policy/Politics, Consumer Economics and Climate Change were rated the highest.


    Taking all of this into consideration we will build our course...


    My constraints:

    • I need grades that reflect the work and effort you are putting into our course
    • We lose the month of January (remember your last day is April 26th)
    • It can be difficult for teachers to shift their topics/units with little notice- let’s keep this in mind throughout the year.


    My non-negotiables for our course:

    • Our first unit will be on the Government & the Midterm Elections
    • Intellectual Risks- As seniors I feel that it is so important that you actively push yourselves outside of your comfort zone. You will receive a grade for your ability to make these leaps.
    • We need to have at least one unit/project that deals with real issues where you will work with “real people” outside of our classroom.
    • We will read, write, discuss and do.
    • Respect yourself, others & the class through active listening and engaging in evidence driven debates
    • Come to class prepared and ready to think and work
    • Cell phones will be placed in a classroom cady throughout the duration of the class


    What is open to negotiation:

    • Practices for beginning and/or ending class
    • Penalties for late assignments
    • Future units and projects
    • How we will approach the content
    • The title for our course


    1. Tools for this Course


    Something to write on and something to write with



    Podcasts:  We will also be listening to podcasts. If you have a smartphone, please download a podcast app. For example, iPhones already have:   


    III. Grading Procedure


    Each assignment will have a point value; you will know the value of each assignment when it is assigned.  At the end of the quarter your total number of points will be divided by the possible number of points and that will be your grade.  For example, if you could earn 500 points in the quarter and you earned 475 your grade would be a 95 = A. (Earned points/ Total points) x 100   


    1. Contact Information

    Office: 1N1

    Classroom: 1N5

    Email: fplunkett@scarsdaleschools.org



    Please make an appointment and come to my office to discuss any questions. My schedule is posted on my office and classroom doors. In addition, you may email or text me but please keep in mind that I will try to get back to you in a timely manner but I cannot guarantee an immediate response.