About Me
    As a classically trained cellist, I value the art of performing, but realize there is much more to music. In my classroom, I guide my students in the exploration of all music, including classical, jazz, rock, folk, and more. I develop lessons that encourage my students to express the music they love, while learning about the history and context of the art. Additionally, I value the importance of music in continuing the study of other academic subjects, which is why I often collaborate with other teachers in the schools.
    Growing up in a musical family enabled me to perform all types of music. Furthermore, I have joined a legacy of music educators. My grandfather was a band director for over 65 years, my grandmother teaches violin, my father is a guitar professor, and my brother teaches audio engineering. 
    In 2009, I received a Bachelor of Science from Skidmore College, where I studied business and management, as well as music. In 2014, I completed my graduate studies and earned a Master of Arts in music education from New York University. 
    Mr. Andrew Brown
    Music and Chorus Teacher 
    Fox Meadow, Quaker Ridge, and Edgewood Elementary Schools