• Whether you are in English 10 or English 10 skills, you will be taking a course that follows these essential questions:
    • Why are there insiders and outsiders?  Or why do we create insiders and outsiders?
    • How do we live in a world that we disagree with?  Or, what is our response to injustice?
    • Why do people see the same event differently and what can we learn from another person's point of view or perspective?
    • And finally, what is gained and lost when we journey from innocence to experience?
    You will also be reading from among these books:
    • To Kill a Mockingbird              
    • Macbeth
    • The Arrival
    • Laramie Project
    • The Education of Little Tree
    • Antigone
    • The Pearl
    And you will be exploring these skills:
    • visual story telling
    • argumentative essays
    • persuasive writing and speeches
    • visual essays
    • outlining
    For specific assignments and both daily and weekly plans, go to the appropriate wiki: